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About Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga was developed in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor in India and his wife Madhuri, a yoga teacher. It was started in a park with only 5 people simply telling jokes and 50 people attended the next week! Jokes can be subjective and everyone has a different sense of humor, so Dr. Kataria knew something would need to change to keep this going. Forty core exercises were created to prompt people to laugh for no reason at all, and, with the addition of deep breathing to the program, Laughter Yoga was born.

The body doesn’t know the difference between a real laugh or a fake laugh, so whether laughter is real or simulated, our bodies and mind receive the same benefits.

– Improves confidence and self worth
– Improved lung capacity and deeper breathing
– Reduction in depression, stress and anxiety
– Decrease in muscle tension
– Improved confidence and body awareness
– Decrease in heart rate and blood pressure

By using simple laughter exercises in a group, with eye-contact, breathing and playfulness, the laughter quickly becomes genuine and spontaneous. It’s a true case of, “Fake it til you make it!”

Laughter Yoga has now celebrated 20 years with over 8,000 laughter clubs and classes in over 80 countries. We’re part of a global movement of peace, joy and good health right here in London!

Laughter Yoga is accessible to everyone, and offers participants immediate feel good benefits and long term health benefits. Come as you are!


Laughter Yoga

for health

and Happiness

Three Laughter Yoga “Rules:”

1. No talking
To stay in a playful, childlike state, there is no talking during laughter exercises.

2. No new pain or strain
Listen to and trust your body. If you are feeling any strain or pain, honour your body and take a break or lower your output.

3. Have fun!
Get into it, let yourself be playful and enjoy the class!

London Ontario Laughter Yoga

Let’s get laughing!

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