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 At the Little Package, Big Impact event, I facilitated a community painting to be auctioned off when completed. All proceeds of the auction will add to the fundraising from the event! You get a beautiful piece of amazing art, and the hospital gets a donation to help for equipment purchases needed now. Win-win! During the day, we dripped and sponged, and mixed and marked up this canvas until the background was ready. After the event, I added the foreground and finishing touches and here she is….

“Big Impact”

45” by 45”

Mixed media - acrylic, latex, gloss, plaster, marker, on octagon stretched canvas

With deep purples, silver and teal, “Big Impact” is sure to do just that… make a big impact! Maybe it was made for you?

This is a SEALED AUCTION. All bids are private and secure, and bidding takes place until Wednesday, April 24 at 9:00 am. You may bid multiple times if you would like to increase a previous amount. Bids are stored and sealed until Wednesday morning. The highest bid when bids are opened is the winner of the artwork.

(event photos: Fleeting Moments Photography)

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I understand that by clicking SUBMIT, I agree to purchased the "Big Impact" painting if I am the highest bidder. The bid amount is due within 48 hours of the auction closing. If no payment is received by then, the painting will go to the next bid in line. Bidding closes April 24 at 9:00 and the bids will be opened and counted then. The winner will be announced by 10:00, April 24.