Laugh louder, longer and for no reason at all!

Laughter Yoga promotes childlike play, laughter and joy! It is a dynamic exercise using breathing and laughter to release stress and tightness and to promote blood flow and release in the body. We have all heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine,” and Laughter Yoga is built on this foundation!

Laughter Yoga classes do not include any traditional yoga poses, but participants do engage in deep yogic breathing during the session. Laughter increases our blood flow, and breathing deeply increases our oxygen level — a perfect mix for better health!

Fake it til you make it! Even when we are pretending to laugh, our body is receiving the same benefits. Laughter Yoga includes laughing for no reason, silly role-playing, copying, greetings, and more… the name of the game is childlike fun!

Very good, very good! Yay! 

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Laughter Yoga London Ontario

“…it exceeded my expectations it was so liberating and fun! I recommend to all to try one out! Definitely not the usual type of yoga I typically practice but I enjoyed it all the same!” – Heather Vanek

“What a great way to release some stress! You did a great job of encouraging the group to continue laughing all through the session! Thank you!!! “ – Liz Krygsman

Let’s get laughing!

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Laughter Yoga for Teams

Laugh together for a stronger team!

Participating in Laughter Yoga as a team building activity improves your bottom line with a happier, more satisfied, and more unified team! Laughter Yoga reduces stress and negative emotions in the work place, and creates an instant connection based on positivity and wellbeing. A good laugh together increases communication, productivity, teamwork, employee retention, and job satisfaction!

Why Bring Laughter Yoga to Your Business?

  • Cost effective and time efficient

  • Immediate benefits and stress reduction

  • Scientifically proven with measureable results

  • Easy to do, for all fitness and physical levels

But that’s not all! The benefits of Laughter Yoga for a team are huge:

Generates innovation and creativity

  • Decrease in stress and improved emotional balance

  • Development of positive attitudes and generosity

  • Increased attention span

  • Improved health and wellness

  • Improved group morale and mood

  • Boost in energy level

  • Reduce burnout and conflicts

  • Improved communication and leadership skills

It can still get better than that! Laughter Yoga is a unique experiential practice, meaning your team will not be learning about how laughter can change things…they will be experiencing it!

Laughter Yoga is fun and beneficial for…

  • Corporate events

  • Meetings

  • Church groups

  • School classes

  • Sports team

  • Event icebreaker

  • Family reunions

  • Retreats

Laughter Yoga Alexis Wild