Real Estate Closing Gifts Alexis Wild

Are you looking for a unique and special real estate agent closing gift for your real estate clients? What about original art for their new home! 

It is the small things that really stand out in a real estate deal, and an amazing closing gift (that will be in their home long term!) is definitely one of them.

How it works…

  1. Consult with me on sizing and price options (from $120)

  2. Sell, baby, sell! You do your thing and help sell (or buy!) the house. Weeee!

  3. Upon closing, give your client a beautifully wrapped gift with a custom certificate saying I will call them to create a CUSTOM piece of art for their new home

  4. After closing date, I will call the client within a month to pop in for their art consult

  5. I make and deliver a custom piece that suits their home just right…. the home YOU got them into!

  6. You shine and your client loves you!

Custom artwork often feels like a luxury item, so gifting art in this way makes you stand up above the rest!

Little perks…

  • Your business card and “Gifted by” will be included on the backing label of the piece

  • Your website and phone number will be listed right here on this page as a real estate partner!

  • Because their artwork is custom made for them, it will stick around long term AND you won’t waste money on something that is going to be thrown away (eek!)

  • Every time someone asks about their artwork, you'll be mentioned! It was their real estate agent closing gift — what a treat!

I specialize in working with real estate agents and brokers in the London, Ontario area, but artwork can absolutely be sent via postal mail as well. It is my pleasure to help you look amazing to your clients! Go team, go!